Andrew Thomson is an international dj from the UK, he has been the helm of the electronic party for the past 10 years. During the month of August we hosted a new edition of our Artist Residency, where Andrew introduced his music at a cool summer party.

Andrew Thomson / Huntleys + Palmers

As technology opens up a wealth of musical discovery, trusted sources are more valuable than ever..

Andrew Thomson has been at the helm of party outfit and label, Huntleys + Palmers for the past 10 years, where he has displayed a keen curatorial ear via parties between Glasgow and London; booking everyone from Axel Boman to Veronica Vasicka, Four Tet to Silver Apples and hundreds of others in between – many of whom playing in the UK for the first time including Oni Ayhun, Helena Hauff, Lena Willikens, Rebolledo and rRoxymore. He was also behind the programming of a weekly residency at London’s legendary Plastic People.

Continuing this eye for emerging talent, he runs a few labels (H+P, Highlife, Belters) releasing and assisting in launching the careers of talented individuals from Argentina to the Ukraine, the Gorbals to Tel Aviv – including the likes of Auntie Flo, SOPHIE, Mehmet Aslan, Hi & Saberhägen, Red Axes, Golden Teacher and many, many more. Calling upon the likes of Dixon, DJ Sotofett, Lena Willikens, Kornél Kovács, Mark E and Lipelis for remixes. Releases here –

Andrew’s appetite for discovering and sharing new music both informs and fuels his DJ’ing; playing everything from international party belters as a founding member of Highlife (alongside Auntie Flo), to appreciating the art form of the warm up DJ; better yet, combining both and playing an extended set – something he regularly practices, playing all night at the legendary Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, and a more recent 8 hour set at the legendary Bassiani in Tbilisi. He’s played at many of Europe’s leading venues including including Glastonbury, Barbican, Fabric, Corsica Studios, Razzmatazz, Le Sucre, The Art School, Sub Club, Berghain Kantine, Tradgarden, Ohm, Dimensions festival and played as far away as Tokyo’s Contact and Dommune.

He hosts a regular show on Rinse FM, showcasing the best new and emerging talent and has contributed a range of mixes, podcasts and radio shows for esteemed outlets such as Dekmantel, Beats In Space, Boiler Room, BBC 6 Music, Truants and Crack Magazine. Not to mention, has recently been the subject of a documentary for Stamp The Wax.